Long Island Theatre Collective (LITC)

LITC brings new and surprising performances to our community. We create cutting-edge adaptations of classic texts—and make those stories new again. We produce visceral modern plays from contemporary voices such as McDonagh, Shepard, and yet-unknown work from the next generation of storytellers right here on Long Island.

Our events often feature live music, visual art, and other surprising opportunities for "stories" to be defined broadly and boldly. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with artists of any medium, and audiences of any taste. As a collective, we are all LITC: the artists and the audience, the showers and the tellers, the listeners and the supporters.

This is our collective, and Long Island is our home.

Let's tell some stories, together.

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Every dollar counts in our efforts to put on the highest caliber performances. If you share our vision for art on Long Island, it's easy to contribute. Find out how.

Latest News and Upcoming Events

An Important Apology

In our program for The Pillowman, we thanked our  donors, but three wonderful people were accidentally omitted from the list: Deborah Alexander, Karen Gallo, and Carmine Gallo. We extend our sincerest apologies and grateful thanks to Deborah, Karen, and Carmine.

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And Later This Season...

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