A Time to be Thankful

by Ian Sullivan

When I look back to last Thanksgiving, I see that a lot of things about my life are drastically different. I moved from Philly back home to Long Island. Instead of waiting tables, auditioning, and piecing together acting gigs, I have a career and home at Holy Trinity, teaching and making theatre. Long Island Theatre Collective is a reality and not just a dream between childhood friends.

It’s Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful for the gifts in your life, and these positive changes are among the things I am most thankful for. It's knowing that so many people have helped to realize these dreams that is the most inspiring and humbling. In the instance of LITC, so many individuals have donated their time, talent, and money to make this collective possible: the board and artists who give countless hours of their time to serve the work; our families, who have supported us financially and emotionally; our audience, who comes to see our work and responds with so much enthusiasm; and our donors, who believe in what we are doing so much that they are willing to share in our commitment. (We hope you will keep LITC in mind as you consider your year-end giving this holiday season. Click here to get involved.)

Things are changing, and as I said, I'm very grateful for these times that are before us.  However, it is the things that are most constant that I am absolutely most thankful for. My loving family, my brilliant teachers, my hilarious and creative friends, my beautiful and inspiring love. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for all of us.