If the cause is just, if the need is true

It has been almost six weeks since Founders Day and we have a little less than two months until The Pillowman.

Toward the start of this campaign, I went out to lunch with long-time friend and member of the collective, Tommy, and one of my former teachers and mentors from high school, Lenny Motsinger. I pitched Lenny the idea of starting up LITC and he immediately offered to donate. He always believed in me, and Tommy, and Kevin, and Chris, and all his Trinity kids. I was a little embarrassed and apologetic. It is an uncomfortable situation to ask for and receive money from your friends and family. But Lenny assured me that I shouldn’t be sorry. "When I was in the seminary," he said, "the Franciscan brothers always taught us to never be ashamed to ask for what you truly need. If the cause is just, if the need is true, do not be ashamed." That was the first donation I secured for the collective, but the lesson was far more valuable.

We have raised a little over $2,500 and need to raise almost five hundred more. We are so grateful to those who have given. To those who haven’t, we ask for your help. 

Our cause is just. Our need is true. We need your help to transform Rambo Hall into an immersive and professional theatrical space, to pay our artists, and to cover seemingly countless legal and incorporation fees. And so it is not with shame or embarrassment that we ask for your help, but with humility and gratitude.

To make your tax-deductible donation, please visit our RocketHub campaign page by this Tuesday, August 5th.

With warm regards,

Ian Sullivan
Artistic Director
Long Island Theatre Collective