Preview: VACANCIES by Brett Hursey

"We read so many plays during the last few months, and some just stuck with me," says LITC artistic director Ian Sullivan. "I found myself thinking about Vacancies, and the world the story was told in, for days and weeks after I read it." 

That "world" is unsettling in its stark simplicity: a room with two chairs, three people, and a resume. At face value, Vacancies is about a job interview. When asked, playwright Brett Hursey sums it up quite simply: "BLACK is a man with a job to kill for. BLUE is a man who'd kill for the job BLACK has. The WOMAN would happily kill them both—on and off the job." Yet throughout the delightfully strange ten-minute play, the audience can't help but suspect there is something more going on. "I think the simplicity of the set and staging allows the moments of absurdism to really shine through," says Sullivan, who will direct the piece. He calls the play "a bit of a mystery. A mystery that I hope will remain unsolved."

Hursey, an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Longwood University in Virginia, has over thirty New York City theatre credits to his name, and his comedies have appeared in over ninety theatres across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. He chose to submit Vacancies to LITC's New Plays Festival because of the collective's "innovative" approach. "It's so cool to see new, fresh theatre hit the stage."

As for Vacancies' future after the festival, Hursey says, "I hope the show plays well, and I'll keep working to improve it," adding that it is "only slightly less weird than the one I wrote with the zombie telemarketers."

 Playwright Brett Hursey

Playwright Brett Hursey