Preview: HIP BONES by Anthony Donald Kochensparger

Glenna, the sole character in Hip Bones, ends the play with her hand pressed tightly to her chest. It’s a gesture that the playwright, Anthony Donald Kochensparger, noticed himself doing while going through a tough break-up. “I would look down and just kind of see it there,” he says.

Hip Bones is raw and honest, peppered with personal nuances so simple and human that they could only be inspired by real moments. The eight-minute monologue began as a journal piece, “only a play happened instead.” Kochensparger says, “It was one of those rare gems that suddenly appears in full form, one night in your notebook.”

His character Glenna writes children’s poetry; or did, before losing her lover and the illustrator of her books. “The character is a poet, and she speaks in these beautiful phrases with really interesting rhythms,” says Adam Zurbruegg, who will direct the piece. “The play itself is a poem, really. It’s what drew me to it.” The production will be staged as a reading with virtually no scenic elements, to let the language take center stage.

Hip Bones is one piece of The Pink House Plays trilogy by Kochensparger, who lives in Dayton, OH and is a founding member of The Right Questions Theatre Ensemble. In addition to his plays, Kochensparger also writes poetry for children. The titles Glenna mentions in Hip Bones? That’s just one more autobiographical touch. “Those are mine, those are all my poems.”

 Playwright Anthony Donald Kochensparger (website)

Playwright Anthony Donald Kochensparger (website)