Preview: FERTILE by Tony Foster

When Tony Foster submitted his 91-page script called Fertile to the New Plays Festival, his email simply said, “The play is about a dirt-eater.” But that may have been an understatement; the play mines much richer soil than that.

Yes, there is a dirt-eater, a woman who suffers from the eating disorder known as pica, a compulsion to eat non-edible substances. This subject alone might be compelling enough for an entire play, but Fertile also explores themes of parenting, fate, meaning, and home. Foster compares his play to Gustav Klimt’s painting Three Ages of a Woman (see below). “To me that image says it all: motherhood, love, hope, despair, and dirt.”

Foster’s play is both funny and touching, thought-provoking and undeniably one-of-a-kind. When asked what’s next for Fertile, the playwright says, “With what I glean from this first draft, I hope the play grows into a stronger piece.” He says that any new play “needs nurturing from understanding, talented artists as it moves forward to the next step.”

LITC is happy to provide that nurturing soil. We promise not to eat it.

 Playwright Tony Foster

Playwright Tony Foster

  Three Ages of Woman ; Gustav Klimt

Three Ages of Woman; Gustav Klimt