Preview: TWO SHIPS by Ed Friedman

Opportunity is like a ferry boat. It can take you to a new place, or you can miss it completely.

The characters in Ed Friedman’s Two Ships happen to meet while waiting for the ferry to Fire Island. The ten-minute play presents a new twist on the classic “will they?/won’t they?” storyline, while its setting and its inspiration are uniquely Long Island. “A number of years ago I was waiting for the ferry at Bayshore,” says Friedman. “Someone got off the bus with a gigantic duffel bag, and I wondered, ‘What’s her story?’”

For Friedman, LITC’s New Plays Festival presented an interesting opportunity as well. “This is one of the very few geographically-specific plays I’ve written,” he says, “so I thought it was serendipitous.”

Meanwhile, co-director Brendan Warner is seizing a new opportunity of his own. Warner, who will join the prestigious drama program at University of North Carolina School of the Arts this fall, has largely focused on lighting design and electrics. This time, he’ll be directing under the mentorship of Lenny Motzinger, a teacher at Holy Trinity Diocesan High School. “I’m looking forward to seeing a show through a different pair of glasses,” says Warner. Regarding the play's themes, he says, “I hope people take away the courage to not miss their opportunity.”

Or, as Ed Friedman puts it: “Don’t let the moment pass you by. Unless, of course, you just want to turn it into a play.”

 Playwright Ed Friedman

Playwright Ed Friedman