Preview: ORDINARY by Jack Feldstein

“Look through the curtain. At the audience,” says the Clown to the Bearded Lady. “It could be us.”

Jack’s Feldstein’s ten-minute play Ordinary happens backstage at the circus. “I wanted to explore what it might be like for those on the fringes of society,” Feldstein says. “Those who peer into how the majority live and yearn to join them.” He says the play is largely about the concept of belonging and following your dreams.

Director Caroline Jannace is following a dream of her own. A student at Holy Trinity Diocesan High School in Hicksville and an aspiring director, Jannace will get the opportunity to tackle Ordinary with guidance from LITC’s artistic director Ian Sullivan. “This piece is all about taking risks, and I think it will inspire the audience to try something they normally wouldn’t do,” she says.

Aspiring and risk-taking are common themes for Feldstein, a Queens-based playwright. “Often, I find myself writing about characters who have a dream,” he says, “and then set about pursuing it.” And when those dreams don’t turn out as planned? “That’s irrelevant. It is in the going for one’s dream that makes for a content life.”

 Playwright Jack Feldstein

Playwright Jack Feldstein