On the evening before LITC’s first production, The Pillowman, the company worked into the night to build a truss in the middle of Rambo Hall. As soon as the last bolt was tightened, a young man eagerly climbed to the top with a Source Four in his hand and a crescent wrench bungeed to his belt. It was LITC’s electrics intern, Brendan P. Warner, a senior at Holy Trinity Diocesan High School. The hang was done in a flash, the focus and color choices were artfully made, and Brendan’s title was adjusted from intern to resident lighting designer.

At an age when many students are sampling the diverse disciplines of theatre to find their own path, Warner is laser-focused. “I believe I was born to find my passion for designing,” he says. “It is a gateway to open my imagination and to paint a picture I haven’t seen yet. People do that in different ways. I do it through light.”

Now, Warner will tackle A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the first time. “I have only seen it once before,” he admits, “so it is a fairly new experience.” To express the mystical forest settings, he and director Ian Sullivan discussed drawing inspiration from a more modern outdoor adventure: music festivals. Rambo Hall, which does not contain the flyspace, wingspace, or catwalks of a larger theatre, is a challenging space to design within—but that’s alright with Warner. “I love to rise to the occasion when new goals and challenges are set in my path,” he says. Warner will soon rise to new challenges; he was accepted to the renowned design program at North Carolina School of the Arts, and will begin his studies this fall.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream runs June 19-21 in Bellmore, NY. Tickets are on sale now; click here for more information.