Lenny Motsinger on American Buffalo, LITC and the Company

On "American Buffalo"

As a director, you are often surprised by a play as you go through the rehearsal process. "American Buffalo" by David Mamet is one such play.  Many Americans have been surprised by those who have been left behind by the American dream.  Mamet's play focuses on three men who have been left behind and are down and out.  Focusing on themes of loyalty, friendship, and success/failure, he puts a spotlight on those the American dream has eluded.  The obscenities, as well as their homely exchange, form a litany, a kind of prayer of the dispossessed.  Whatever your political views may be, we can no longer ignore those left behind.  Mamet's words allow us to experience their pain.

I would like to thank Chris, Danny, Frank and Ann-Marie whose assistance made mounting this production so much easier and enjoyable. 

P.S. I would also like to thank Holy Trinity HS Performing Arts Dept. for bringing us all together!

On LITC and the Company

My involvement with LITC began long before LITC even existed! As many of you know, I taught Ian Sullivan when he was a student at Holy Trinity. It was then that I think that the seeds for LITC were planted in Ian's heart. Trinity theatre taught all of us, teachers and students, that great theatre only happens through hard work and collaboration!

After Ian graduated, we kept in touch and became friends! A friendship that I deeply treasure. When an opening for a theatre teacher at Trinity became available, I strongly encouraged Ian to pursue the job (teaching theatre at HTHS had been a dream of Ian's). I also strongly advocated on his behalf. As we know, the rest is history.

By this time, LITC was up and running and Ian asked if I would be interested In directing for the company. I of course jumped at the chance! I knew that this would give me a chance to work with many HTHS alumni who were already apart of the LITC family! It was like coming home!

I am privileged to be apart of this theatre family that values hard work and collaboration. I truly believe in the mission of LITC and am honored to be apart of this dynamic and creative company! My hope is that as more people become aware of LITC that this theatre company will continue to grow and prosper!

LITC bringing great theatre to Long Island!