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Production Information

Cultural Arts Playhouse & Long Island Theatre Collective are proud to present the greatest love story of all time, told through a reimagined & futuristic lens.

By William Shakespeare | Adapted By Ian Sullivan | Directed By Frank Danko & Ian Sullivan |Set Design Construction - Thomas J. McKenna| Costume Design/CAP Artistic Director - Tony Frangipane | CAP Owner/CAP Artistic Director - Bruce Grossman


Juliet Capulet - Isabelle Russo

Lord Capulet - Stephen T. Wangner

Lady Capulet - Ilana Landecker

Tybalt Capulet - Austin Morgan

Nurse to House Capulet - Taneisha Corbin

Peter - John Richard Mateyko


Romeo Montague - Riley Scott

Lord Montague - Thomas J. McKenna

Lady Montague - Lauren Gissentanna

Benvolio Montague - Kyle Filiault

Abraham Montague - Bryce Y. Holloway

Balthasar Montague - Warren Tierney


Prince Escalus - Ian Sullivan

Mercutio - Blake Williams

Paris - Jared Grossman

Friar Laurence - Christopher Cuoccio

Rosalind - Alyssa Seminario